Drumroll, please! 

For years, fiction writers have had to cope with a harsh and pervasive reality:   No matter how hard you work or how good a book you produce, it’s likely to get published, stay in print for a few years, and then vanish from the shelves. Readers might keep looking for it, asking about it, searching used bookstores and library sales, but once a book goes out of print, it’s pretty much gone.

Kindle-e-reader-006Then–ta da!–came the dawn of the electronic age. Now, thanks to electronic publishing, we can bring back those golden oldies–and some brand new titles as well–in attractive, economical e-book editions.

Maybe you think it’s not the same as holding the book in your hand, smelling the fresh ink, caressing the binding. . .oh wait, did I say that out loud? Yikes. Okay, I confess:  I’m a book geek. (Which comes as no surprise to my family and friends . . .)

But here’s the upside:  e-books are cheaper, take up less bookshelf space (because we never have enough), and don’t weigh down your backpack when you’re traveling. And besides that, you never have to hold a beloved favorite together with duct tape and rubber bands.

So here goes.  I’m working with my agent and Folio Unbound, the e-books division of Folio Literary Management, to bring out some brand new and very affordable e-book versions of my backlist, as well as some titles you’ve never seen before.

First up is Circle of Grace.

Circle of Grace

How do you go on living when your whole life has been one big lie?

Once, a long time ago, Grace Benedict had friends. Good friends. In college she and her roommates Tess, Lovey, and Liz, had been inseparable. And even though life has taken them in different directions, they’ve stayed in touch. For thirty years they’ve kept a circle journal,  sharing with one another the ups and downs of their lives, their celebrations and victories, their struggles and heartaches.

Grace’s life hasn’t been easy. And now, as she faces a diagnosis of cancer that shakes her to the core, she needs her friends more than ever.

There’s just one problem. Grace has been lying to them. For thirty years, she’s been fabricating a life, creating a fiction of the way she wished things would be. Love, success, family, fulfillment—she’s had it all. In her imagination, anyway.

If she’s ever going to reclaim those friendships, she needs to tell the truth. About herself, about her needs, about the sadness and unfulfilled longing that has marked her life. She’s running out of time.

Telling the truth just might change everything. But can she find the courage? And more importantly, can she unravel her true self from the tangled web of deception that has held her captive?

Watch for the link here, and on Facebook as well.

And soon to follow, Delta Belles. . .

delta belles draft2

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