Ecuador Weeps….

Ecuador Weeps


16 Abril, 2016
6:58 p.m.

An earthquake measuring 7.8 on the Richter Scale strikes the northern coast of Ecuador, leaving hundreds dead, thousands more injured, and countless numbers buried under the debris.


Cry from the Rubble


Can anyone hear me?
Can anyone help?

The world has shrunk to
heat and choking dust,
this tiny pocket of blackness,
this concrete coffin.

I cannot feel my legs,
but with one hand
I reach and touch
a waxwork arm,
putrid, unmoving,
stinking of death
and decomposition.

¿Dónde está mi familia?
Where are my wife,
my daughter,
my baby son?
Has the terremoto
taken them,
or are they searching,

I try to speak,
but no words come.
I close my eyes to pray.
It makes no difference.
Dark is dark.
Above, I hear the distant sound
of voices.


© 2016 Penelope J. Stokes


The beautiful people of Ecuador are suffering. Over 400 dead and thousands injured or still missing. Roads to the coast are destroyed, making it difficult for aid to get to some of the villages. Many of those who survived the earthquake are now dying in the streets for lack of water, food, or medical attention.

If you can help, please consider giving a donation through the Hearts of Gold Foundation: Hearts of Gold is a very reputable, very solid 501c3 nonprofit here in our adopted home of Cuenca, Ecuador. Click on the “Earthquake Relief” button at the top, or type “Earthquake Relief” in the search box. You can donate by credit card or bank draft.

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One Response to Ecuador Weeps….

  1. Maren says:

    I was quite frightened when I got no response on your email. Glad to have this. And the place to give.
    Here is my heart: For Ecuador and for Japan

    God is in the bee and the monarch,
    but God is not in the earthquake.

    God is in the rescuers
    sifting through Pedernales debris,
    digging through Kumamoto mudslides,
    but God is not in the earthquake.

    God is in the child saved
    under the hotel,
    the car hanging from the broken road
    the aid sent, the dogs searching,
    and the quirky salvation of social media,
    but — not in Ecuador, not in Japan,
    not in Christchurch, not in Haiti —
    is God in the earthquake.

    God is in the prayers of the world
    for you, our friends,
    for God is never in the winds
    of hurricane, tsunami,
    tornado, storm,
    never in wild fires or war fires.

    God walks today
    where earthquake has been.
    God walks with broken heart
    and still small voice.

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