Maybe It’s Time for Hope

I watch TV. I read. I go to movies. I see what’s going around on Facebook and Twitter. And I’ll admit it. I’m concerned.

black-holes_2What’s this world coming to? Apparently it’s coming to a black hole of darkness and despair.

Look at the movie and TV offerings:  World War Z. The Dome. White House Down. Defiance.

Zombies. Aliens. Rebels. Guns. Lots and lots of guns. Shadowy, dystopian visions of a future in which the world has been blown apart by technology, or resident evil, or aliens, or whatever nameless threat comes next.

And I wonder, what does this say about us as a society? As individuals? As community—or the lack thereof?

Maybe it says that deep down, we’re afraid. We see the future not as a vista opening out to lovely possibilities, but as a complicated, scary, and dangerous place. We’re afraid of death, yes, but we’re every bit as much afraid of life. We’re terrified of what tomorrow might bring. We dread the unknown. We’re afraid of losing the stuff we’ve worked hard to acquire. And so we barricade ourselves behind what’s familiar, what’s tangible, what’s OURS.

We’ve lost our sense of adventure. We’ve lost our sense of wonder.

1064-800Maybe it’s time to take a deep breath, take a step back, simplify a bit.
Maybe it’s time to go wade in the creek or take a walk or smell the grass after it’s just been mowed.
Maybe it’s time to look out the window and listen to the birds singing.
Maybe it’s time to get up early enough to watch the sun rise, or stay up late enough to be amazed by the stars again.
Maybe it’s time to see, really see, the beauty in the world around us, and in our loved ones’ eyes.

Maybe it’s time to discover—or rediscover—what it means to be content with the life we have, and with who we are.
Maybe it’s time to share a little bit more of what we own, and be a little less selfish with all the gifts we’ve been given.
Maybe it’s time to be happy with enough instead of always grasping for more.

Maybe it’s time we learned to live with an open hand. Maybe it’s time to quit holding onto material things; quit trying to control the way our lives play out; quit thinking we can manipulate the world around us into looking the way we want it to look.

Maybe it’s time for just being.
Just becoming.
Just…well, living.

Maybe it’s time to stop being afraid.
And then maybe—just maybe—it will be time to find hope again.

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1 Response to Maybe It’s Time for Hope

  1. Pam Jeffers says:

    Let it be.

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