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Maybe It’s Time for Hope

I watch TV. I read. I go to movies. I see what’s going around on Facebook and Twitter. And I’ll admit it. I’m concerned. What’s this world coming to? Apparently it’s coming to a black hole of darkness and despair. … Continue reading

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The Morning News

On the Repeal of DOMA June 26, 2013 Today we took one step through the unseen veil into a world where, at least, the questions are being asked: If not now, when? If not here, where? If not us, who? … Continue reading

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Two Prayers for Nelson Mandela

Two poems from my friend Maren Tirabassi, herself a visionary and a prophet. I can add nothing to her eloquence. Praying as Nelson Mandela lies in critical condition, I revisited a poem I wrote the day after he was freed from … Continue reading

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